Living with Purpose: Finding Purpose in the Storm

Greetings, family!

2022 has put me to the test. I pray it has been kinder and gentler to you. I’ve been riding waves of grief, watching everything I thought I was sure about, change. I’ve been asking myself: “Where is that year of joy you declared for yourself last year at this time?” 

When my father passed away in February 2022, it felt like my life was crashing down around me. Have you ever felt like that? Have you ever found yourself standing in a storm and praying for the sun to come out? Much of 2022 has felt this way for me. I’m writing this because the storm has also taught me it’s time to live my life to its highest potential.

I’m a facilitator, creator, liberation coach, and freedom whisperer AND I want you to know I’m here and standing in my purpose through my life, my work, and new film project. If I can find purpose in the storm, I know you can too!

When the storm blew, I did several important things: I felt my grief. I cried (bawled, really). I paused. I checked-in with myself. I rested. I kept feeling. I kept crying. I kept asking myself, “what is this grief trying to teach me?” In my silence and contemplation, I re-connected to my reasons for being. I started talking about my grief because I believed someone else needed to hear what was on my heart. That’s part of my purpose (openly talking about uncomfortable things). 

Grief has taught me to live in my purpose more intentionally. I believe those moments of loss, disappointment, and hurt can teach us something. What has your grief taught you?

As I began to live my purpose even more, I realized I needed to share my work more consistently and invite you to be part of it. I have so many good things brewing. I see the sun peeking out and, for the first time in a long time, I’m sure that everything I’m doing aligns with my purpose. 

I’ve rebooted  my business and my website. I’m offering Liberation Coaching. I’ve started a new blog about my experiences in the non-profit sector. 

I will share more about each area of my work in upcoming newsletters. Today, I want to share work that’s near and dear to my heart: my very first documentary film.

Truth, Reconciliation, and Reparations

The documentary film is about truth, reconciliation, and reparations in the United States and the Caribbean. As a daughter of the US and Jamaica and someone who knows liberation as a birthright, this is a purpose-filled project. This film is a capstone project for my master’s program. I am planning to begin production this year and complete the film by summer 2023. 

Read more about the project here. You can also invest in this project here

Here’s a link to my GoFundMe:

Please share it with your networks. I have an ambitious goal. As I celebrate my 50th revolution around the sun, I know Infinite Possibilities lie ahead for this film. You can be part of making it a reality. And, supporting my film would be the perfect birthday gift. 

This stormy year is making way for a stunning sunrise. I’m seeing it on the horizon. Can you see it with me?

With Love, Light, & Gratitude,

Grateful for everything!