February 2023


  • Two 1-hour coaching sessions each month (one with Damali and one with Nakia).
  • Two life-work assignments each month. Each time we meet, we’ll check-in on your progress.
  • Ongoing and unlimited accountability access to Damali and Nakia (through the platforms that make it easy to reach out and get the support you need).
  • Bonus gifts and more.


Welcome to the Leap, Thrive, & Get Free coaching program. This introductory coaching program is designed to support you in taking a deeper look at what’s blocking you so that you can get free and build a success roadmap that allows you to leap into the new you and learn how to thrive in your leap.   

This 3-month coaching program is for you if:

  • You’re ready to face your doubts and fears AND finally overcome them.
  • You feel stuck in the past (i.e., past ideas that never got off the ground, big dreams that started to take off then stalled).
  • You have a big vision and don’t know where to begin.
  • You’ve tried to move toward your vision before but have gotten stuck along the way.
  • You’re ready to do something you’ve never done to get the results you’ve never gotten. 
  • You’d love a supportive community.
  • You need accountability partners.

Over the Next 3 months, We’ll Cover:

  • Setting intentions
  • Connecting to your purpose
  • Pathways to manifestation
  • Barriers along the way (and leaping over them)
  • Taking baby steps to big dreams
  • Creating a roadmap to success
  • Radical honesty
  • Radically inspired action
  • Making commitments to yourself (and keeping them)
  • Accountability 

You’ll Walk Away With:

  • Clarity
  • Confidence
  • A Roadmap with Pathways to Success
  • Support (we’re a village)

Program Features:

  • Two 1-hour coaching sessions each month (one with Damali + one with Nakia). You’ll meet with us 6 times in the next three months. Each time we meet, we’ll check-in on your progress.
  •  Two life-work assignments each month. In between your sessions you will receive accountability emails to support your journey. 
  • Unlimited access to communicate with your coaches via email or other platforms for the duration of your coaching journey. We’re here to support you and the real magic happens when you show up and leap forward. We’re here to support you. So, you’ll have everything you need to reach your goals.