Soul-Centered Conversations: Freedom Chronicles

What began as Soul-Centered Conversations (SCC) is now Freedom Chronicles. Freedom Chronicles are liberatory and de-colonial conversations. They are intended to offer ideas and practices as pathways to freedom.

Like Soul-Centered Conversations, Freedom Chronicles go deep. We reach beneath the surface. In this space, we speak from the soul. Freedom Chronicles are going a step further – seeking to dismantle the ideas and practices that have given rise to the interlocking systems of oppression. Freedom Chronicles center the voices and stories that aren’t typically present in dominant culture narratives.

We’re “claiming a different future” and creating the world we ALL want to be part of.

Since our launch in 2019, we’ve explored healing justice, spiritual activism, the power of forgiveness, anti-blackness, racism and oppression in workplaces, police brutality, and the 2020 election.

Going forward, we’ll be talking about ending racism, colorism, and oppression, we’ll be exploring concepts like truth, reconciliation, and reparations, as we begin to prepare for the release of my film. Watch. Like. Share. Subscribe.