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Soul-Centered Conversations: Freedom Chronicles: Episode 1

Healing Black and Brown Relationships with Jose Arias Soul-Centered Conversations: Freedom Chronicles

In this Soul-Centered Conversation, I am talking with decolonial scholar and Bay Area DJ and entrepreneur, Jose Arias, about healing Black and Brown relationships. Jose was born in San Francisco to a Salvadorian father and white-identified mother from the Mid-West. He identifies as a son of El Salvador and the Bay Area. This mix of backgrounds, as a decolonial scholar and as someone of Latin American and American descent, made him the perfect person for this conversation. Too often, we have experienced rifts between these two groups. There's a legacy of anti-Blackness that comes with being colonized people – that comes along with white supremacy culture. There's a legacy of anti-Blackness woven into the fabric of America and sometimes that shows up as marginalized people targeting one another. We cover a lot of ground in this conversation, so I'm including a breakdown of what I'm calling chapters (so you can get it where you fit in, as a friend of mine would say): Intro: About Jose, 00:23-4:54 Chapter 1: Music, 4:55-12:06 Chapter 2: Black and Brown Relationships, 12:07-19:17 Chapter 3: Religion, History, & White Supremacy Culture, 19:18-31:19 Chapter 4: Personal Experiences re Anti-Blackness, 31:20-39:02 Chapter 5: The Impact of Anti-Blackness, 39:03-41:08 Chapter 6: Challenging our own binaries and judgements (even with people we consider racist), 41:09-51:01 Chapter 7: Case in Point: Anti-Blackness in the LA City Council, 51:02-1:06 Chapter 8: Cancel Culture, 1:07-1:13 Bonus Chapter: Jose’s Background in Decolonial Thought, 1:14
  1. Healing Black and Brown Relationships with Jose Arias
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