I am Damali Abena Robertson.

I’m on a mission to disrupt “Imperialist, White Supremacist, Capitalist, Patriarchy” (bell hooks) in everything that I do. I create liberatory content through my writing on Medium and right here on my personal Blog. I facilitate Soul-Centered Conversations and design liberatory frameworks for organizations and individuals through Liberation As Praxis. My work supports organizations and individuals in practices that are pathways to freedom.

I am guided by three values: Love, Liberation, and Compassion. I believe social justice and resistance are acts of Love. I believe that race is a social construct created to benefit “Imperialist, White Supremacist, Capitalist, Patriarchy,” (bell hooks) and so I operate and create from a place of liberation and self-actualization. I also question everything because criticality is essential to change. I believe in radical-equity and approach everything I do with a ‘restorative impulse.’

After 15 years in the nonprofit sector and 10 years in leadership roles, I knew it was time to reimagine the sector. I coach organizational leaders, create action plans, workshops, and presentations for individuals and teams who learn and work in spaces that struggle with safety and belonging. I move leaders away from the traditional “savior” model to a more “liberatory” model where all stakeholders are seen as fully-resourced and self-actualized. Here is a list of my clients and presentations. Here is a list of my qualifications.

I work with them to reimagine culture and interrupt the status quo. I also share ideas, concepts, and new ways of being that support individual behavior change and long-term cultural change.

I also work with individuals, in similar ways, to practice more liberatory ways of being. I believe everything we do on the individual level (the micro) supports everything we bring to the collective experiences at work and in life (the macro).

I identify as a Black-bodied woman of Caribbean and American descent; Jamaican by lineage, American by birth; Queer; Mother; Writer; Poet; Liberation facilitator; Eternal questioner and Justice devotee.

Damali Robertson
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