Freedom Narratives

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Freedom Narratives is an ode to the people most impacted by the Transatlantic Slave Trade. It is a freedom song for African people and the descendants of African people around the globe. We live the legacies of enslavement, colonization, white and Christian supremacy everyday. It is time to “claim a different future.” (Stevenson, 2020). Freedom Narratives is a counter-narrative film project designed to challenge and disrupt the status quo – designed to help imagine Black freedoms into being. 

I’m planning to begin filming in June 2023 and envision creating a film series over the next several years. This film series will continue a conversation about Black experiences across the African Diaspora by talking with activists, organizers, faith leaders, scholars, artists, freedom dreamers, and everyday people. This film series will offer a place to dream out loud, to heal, and to create more just, humane, and loving societies. 

I am an artist, liberation researcher, spiritual being, and diversity, equity, and inclusion practitioner who believes in freedom. Racism, colorism, and oppression are huge barriers to freedom and self-actualization. Creating a world where everyone is free is a big idea.  Generations of activists and organizers have championed our freedoms. More of us can be engaged. I am getting re-engaged through this project. Read on to learn more about my plans for my first film.

Calls to Action

If you care about ending racism, colorism, and oppression of all kinds, you can be part of this project. If you dream of a world where we all belong – where everyone is free – join me on this journey. You can join me by sharing your stories and your wisdoms. You can also join me by giving to this project and/or subscribing to my newsletter. Once the film is ready to be screened, you will be among the first to know. 

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