Welcome! I’m glad you’re here. This website includes all the information you need about me and my initiatives. You can read my bio, learn about my clients and qualifications, buy my first book of poetry, watch my YouTube channel, listen to my podcast, and reach out to me about my two initiatives: Liberation Praxis and my new film Freedom Narratives, about Black freedoms around the globe.

Liberation Praxis is a new way of seeing my business. I’m beginning to see that everything I offer is about freedom. I’m also clear that individuals and organizations are in need of new ways of prioritizing freedom, of making freedom an integral part of their lives and their bottom lines.

I’m making a documentary film about Black freedoms and “claiming a different future” for us all. Here’s a short video about my film. This film was inspired by my graduate studies in Social Justice and Community Organizing. Invest in my film! You can watch my micro-film, “A Freedom Narrative” below:

Damali, @damaliabena, is the Chief Design Officer of Damali Robertson, LLC. She leads Liberation Praxis and produces Freedom Narratives. Damali is a writer, facilitator, liberation researcher and published poet. You’ll find information about Damali’s projects on this website! Thank you for visiting!

There is an ease and genuineness in her facilitation style. She creates an atmosphere that invites ongoing learning and reflection, and she includes herself in this journey as well, which is very humble. Thank you Damali!”

Workshop Participant, 2022