I Want to BE

Who do I want to BE

A day from now

A month. A year from now

Right in this moment

I want to BE inner harmony

And outer peace

I want to BE Yin and Yang

Masculine Feminine Gender Expansive Energy

I want to BE equity and justice

I want to BE equality in practice

I want every word that I speak

Every step that I take to 

Reverberate Love

to Be a perfect reflection of all there is.

I want to BE forgiveness 

7×7 then 7 times more

I want to BE gratitude multiplied times 10

I want to look at the darkest night of my soul

And find a rainbow alive with






Intuitive Wisdom

And Creativity

I want to give thanks in all things

I want all my energy centers

My 7 Chakras 

To BE One

I want to BE One with all Life

To embody the Four Directions

To listen for the Ancestors

To call on the Sages 

Asking them to write, to chant, to hum their wisdom through me

I want to leave nothing unsaid

I want to BE Joy

That uncontained

Can’t be bottled can’t be bought feeling

Found at the core of pleasure. fun. and silent contentment

The tender sensations found in the stillness

In being witness

To smiles that become belly hugging, 

falling over ourselves laughter

To BE Joy felt when baby’s coo

When the rain first appears

When oceans find their shores

I want to BE generosity

Giving the benefit of the doubt when I can

And finding grace when it feels like I cannot

I want to activate giving and receiving in unconventional ways like




Sacred Nos


Collective care

And Mutual aid

I want to BE more than I was yesterday.

I want to BE the ideas that become the inspired actions that create change.

Thank you.