For Individuals

Liberation Coaching

Liberation Coaching is a coaching program designed for any individual who is feeling boxed in – feeling the need to create greater freedom in their lives or work place. This is for the person who is longing to break free of any perceived barrier/s to the fullest expression of themselves. This is also for you if you are an organization leader, whose organization feels stuck, feels toxic, and feels harmful. Because organizational health is often determined by the vision and the health of its leaders. We welcome org leaders who are seeking to create more liberatory conditions in their workplaces as well. Sign up for a free 30 minute consulting session here.

Meditate Your Way to Freedom

Meditate Your Way to Freedom: Every month, we’ll release a new 10-15 meditation video designed to bring you closer to your most authentic – most free – self. For a small subscription fee, you’ll be added to our email, and sent the link to the meditation directly to your inbox. You can try it once, just for $5. You can subscribe for the entire year, and get free bonuses, for $50. More information on subscribing coming soon.

Freedom Chronicles

Freedom Chronicles: A space where I share my thoughts about personal freedom and the importance of real, tangible, freedom (via truth telling, speaking truth to power, and never being quiet in the face of any injustice or oppression) if we are to experience collective Liberation. Read my thought pieces and subscribe.

Soul-Centered Conversations: Freedom Chronicles

Soul-Centered Conversations: Freedom Chronicles are about mind, body, spirit, and Soul freedoms and their relationship to love and justice. When the channel first launched, I talked with spiritual activists and those invested in the Spiritual-side of the work. However, as we’ve evolved, I’ve started to see everything as connected. The political is personal and I wanted to be sure we’re contributing to a liberation narrative and the liberation of those who have been most oppressed by white fear, white domination, and as bell hooks puts it “Imperialist, Capitalist, White Supremacist, Patriarchy.” This channel is now devoted to freedom from all of the above. Watch our channel and spread the word.

Freedom Narratives

Freedom Narratives is my film series. All my films tell stories of political freedom. Because the personal is political, they will also include personal elements and stories. My first short film will tell the story of my father’s political life. “Paul Robertson: I’m Speaking” is in post-production and will be released later this year or early 2023.

Freedom Events

I curate two types of events: spoken word showcases and retreats. The Freedom Chronicles, Spoken Word Series is a quarterly offering hosted in Oakland. We create a vibe together, through music, poetry, and an eclectic ambiance that carries the energy and vibration of freedom throughout the experience. You can visit our eventbrite page for more information.

Expanded Being retreats are annual getaways to support you in tuning in and exploring what your personal expansion looks like. Through meditation, movement, writing, and facilitated space, we’ll spend 5 days together in self-exploration. We plan to begin our Expanded Being retreat series in March 2023 (our first sold-out retreat had to be postponed because of COVID in 2020).


I’d love to come talk about Liberation at your next gathering. If you want to understand what Liberation looks like in practice, either individually or organizationally, I’d love to create a talk about the idea. I love sharing ideas and watching them become new ways of practice. My speaking fees are competitive and sliding scale, depending on your budget. Let’s talk about it. You can reach me at: 510-866-2280.