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Love. Loss. Healing. + Brawta is a book of poetry written by Damali Robertson. The book is an homage to Love. It takes readers on a sensory journey that explores passion, heartbreak, grief, and joy.

This is Damali’s first book!

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  1. Aina-Nia Ayo’dele

    My immediate thoughts, beyond gratitude and congratulations:
    – Delicious!
    – Powerful!
    – Sensual!
    – Authentic!
    – Honest!
    – Soooo Refreshing!
    – Ase O!

    The writer engaged me and pulled me into her emotions from the Introduction to final word. Her honesty and the rhythm, oh the rhythm held my attention and I couldn’t stop reading. The simplicity yet critical reflections in each chapter was refreshing.

    Including ancestral healing methodologies was powerful and thanks. The intertwine between the cultural and spiritual expressions of Self as an African descendant was simply beautiful.

    I loved how this Jamaican writer normalized sexuality and same gender Love – Divine. Our identities of queer and sexual fluidity are mostly so taboo in many places. I thank her for sharing with some Jamaican context – the cussing helped🤣.

    I felt the writer sharing of truths which span over almost two decade had to be thoroughly thought through. And, I want to know what‘s next.

    Great work!

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